Important Announcement 3rd July 2020

To our Redcliffe Dolphins Family, Players, Parents, Friends, Coaches, Volunteers and Management Staff

We thank you all for your patience and understanding during this difficult COVID-19 pandemic which forced our Club to shut down operations entirely from 15 March.  Now that restrictions have eased, we will work hard to get our juniors back on track and onto the field.

The Redcliffe Junior Dolphins will be participating in the 2020 QLD Junior Rugby League Season, however the rules have changed dramatically to maintain the QRL COVID-19 Safety Rules

  1. If your child is not registered and not fully financial with the club, they cannot train, play or enter the field.
  2. Registration is open now and will remain open until Wednesday 15 July 2020
  3. If your child is unwell with any flu-like, cold symptoms ie; fever, coughing, runny nose, YOUR CHILD CANNOT ATTEND TRAINING
  4. If your child is reported during training to have any flu-like, cold symptoms ie; fever, coughing, runny nose, YOUR CHILD WILL BE SENT HOME
  5. If your child has been sick, they cannot return until 3 days after symptoms have ceased.
  6. If anyone in your family is sick with any flu-like, cold symptoms ie; fever, coughing, runny nose, YOUR CHILD CANNOT ATTEND TRAINING
  7. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the grounds for anyone disobeying these rules
  8. Coaches/Managers will maintain a record of attendance for each training session.
  9. GRADES 6-12 ONLY – ONE parent to remain on the grounds during training, utilising carpark between Klingner Rd entry and PCYC exit gates
  10. Parents drop off their children to the designated egress and to be on-time to pick up their children. There cannot be children standing around for hours waiting for parents to arrive.
  11. Designated egress KLINGNER RD ENTRY and PCYC EXIT. Gates will be manned; Coaches will further advise. Map will be posted online.
  12. The club will be adopting the AIS training schedule focus of “Get in, train and Get Out”.
    • Players are expected to turn up to training on time
    • Be clean, toileted and fully dressed ready to train
    • Players head to their training area and remain there with their team, during training (unless they need to go to the toilet)
    • After training players are required to leave the field immediately via the most direct route to the designated pickup area
  13. Hygiene protocols we ask that all children bring the following in a small bag;
    • Water bottle
    • Protective equipment e.g. mouth guard/headgear
    • A small bottle of hand sanitiser
  1. All players and coaches will be required to hand sanitise before and after training
  2. All training equipment such as balls, kicking tees, markers etc. will be cleaned by the coach post-training
  3. Games Day INFO TBC
  4. Training Times will be posted on the team app and clubs web page.
  5. Please Download the REDCLIFFE DOLPHINS TEAM APP to your phone for further communication
  6. Junior Merchandise operating hours will also be posted online

Please be patient as we work through the process of resuming the 2020 season. All communication will be done via Team App and the Facebook group.

Thank you for your patience.

Steve Crawford