Myles Taueli Returns in 2019

In welcome news for many Dolphins fans, Myles Taueli will be back with the Club in 2019.

Taueli is currently training with Dolphins affiliate the Brisbane Broncos as a contracted player, after winning a two year contract on the back of some strong performances in 2017.

Unfortunately his 2018 season didn’t start well, with a double surgery ruling him out for 3 months. The surgery to fix a hip problem and a groin issue happened in February and threatened to sideline the big front rower for the entire season. Myles was in good hands during his recovery at both the Broncos and the Dolphins and managed to get back on the field to play the last 7 games of the season.

“If you had the choice of having him for the first seven games or the last seven I know what I would prefer,” said Coach Adam Mogg.

Taueli is a Wyong junior who was as good as any player coming through the junior representative scene as a 16 year old. He represented NSW in the Under 16s with former Dolphin hard man Matt Lodge, proving to be as much a formidable pair to contend with then as they were in 2017.

“Myles brings many positive attributes to our team. He is big, fit, mobile, skillful and aggressive. He is also versatile having played in the front row, second row and in the centres a couple of times but most importantly he is liked by everyone at the Club and an easy going guy,” said Mogg.

Myles and his partner Jess welcomed the arrival of their first baby during the year so we look forward to seeing all three of them around the club again in 2019.

Photo Credit: QRL