The Dolphins NRL Bid is now complete following the opening of the final grandstand at Moreton Daily Stadium.

Both the Morrison Government and Moreton Bay Regional Council have thrown their support behind the club and its bid to become the 17th NRL team, contributing $6.5 million to the project.

MBRC Mayor, Peter Flannery, and Federal MP for Petrie, Luke Howarth, joined the Dolphin management team to open the  Northern stand which brings capacity to 11,500.

The Dolphins precinct boasts a large successful Leagues Club, the Dolphins Leisure Centre that includes a gymnasium and pool and the Dolphins’ Central Shopping Centre which, along with the leisure centre, has been operating for over five years with key anchored tenants.It completes a list of impressive infrastructure comparable to other National Rugby League teams.

The Dolphins has already constructed office space designed specifically to cater for the operation of an NRL team.

All this infrastructure sits on a 11-hectare site that is wholly owned by the Dolphins and is situated just 25 minutes from the Brisbane Airport and just over a half-hour drive from the city’s CBD.

Dolphins’ chairman Bob Jones said today the completion of the seating bowl at the stadium meant the bid was ‘NRL ready’.

“We would like to thank both the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Federal Government for their foresight and assistance in the building and completion of this wonderful stadium,” Mr. Jones said.

“This stadium will be a wonderful acquisition for the local community and will be a beacon for our traditional rugby league grass roots base and opportunities to host other major events for the region.

“With this in place, the Dolphins NRL Bid now has all the ingredients to provide a strong, community-based team that would represent as a true Brisbane club in the NRL.

“We have welcomed NRL Chairman Peter V’landys’ comments that the NRL would be enhanced by a second Brisbane team in the NRL, and we firmly believe no other bid can match the levels of community engagement, infrastructure base and financial stability that the Dolphins NRL Bid has in place.”

The stadium was constructed utilising $500,000 from the federal government Community Sport Infrastructure Grant Program for the construction of female facilities and $3 million from its Community Development Grants Program, and $2.5 million from the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Federal member for Petrie Luke Howarth said the completion of the stadium would benefit the community by providing top-rate facilities for not only rugby league, but a range of other sports in the area.

“Post coronavirus, I am really excited for the opportunities this latest infrastructure creates for our region,” Luke Howarth said.

“The club recognises this funding gives them greater pulling power to attract different sports and activities to the stadium.

“The facilities are world class and I can’t wait to sit up in the grandstands and cheer on our athletes,” he said.

Mayor Peter Flannery said Council’s $2.5 million contribution to the project was an investment in the local economy, events, and hopefully an NRL licence.

“Now the stadium upgrades are complete, we’ve set the Dolphins up right in front of the sticks to make this conversion into an NRL licence,” he said.

“The Dolphins run rings around every other contender in terms of their business prowess and financial position, and with more than 5,200 locals playing rugby league the growth potential here is huge.

“Just ask Petero Civoniceva,” he said.

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