From Roma To Redcliffe

Andrew Reibelt’s passion for Junior sport is well known throughout the Moreton Bay Region, however his desire to support kids play can be traced back to his own childhood in Roma.

“I played rugby league growing up in Roma but the teams struggled financially as they still do. We would walk for hours knocking on the doors of businesses asking for sponsorship for our team jerseys and our individual jumpers ,” he recalls. “It was then that I promised myself that if I was ever in the position to help kids afford to play sport, I would.”

Andrew’s playing days in Roma led him to the Dolphins, where he played some senior football before making a life changing decision. “There came a point where I knew I had a decision to make, continue playing footy or establish a career and future in business for myself.” An opportunity in real estate presented itself and Andrew acquired his own company with the purchase of two of Redcliffe’s longest serving agencies. He went on to become the Principal at RealwayProperty Consultants in 2005.

The decision to move on from playing rugby league set Andrew on a path which has led to him putting his support behind a number of organisations, including the Dolphins. General Manager of Football Grant Cleal said that Andrew’s support has been solid. “Even though he stopped playing for the Dolphins a number of years ago, Andrew’s relationship with the Club was far from over. He will be entering his 7th year as our Major Junior Sponsor in 2019. He also sponsors our Development program and has a genuine interest in how our young players are progressing through our pathway,” Grant said.

Andrew said a highlight of sponsoring the Dolphins has been “the friendships we have made along the way, and to see the kids we sponsor grow into adults and involve themselves back into the community.”

Recently married, Andrew and wife Candice have launched a number of other business ventures in tourism, primary production and retail over the last couple of years. “Although my football career didn’t pan out the way I imagined as a kid, coming to Redcliffe to play for the Dolphins was the best thing that could have happened, both personally and professionally,” Andrew said.

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Andrew and Candice Reibelt, Major Sponsors of the Junior Dolphins