Rustic Olive expands on Dolphins partnership

An icon of the Redcliffe Peninsula for over a decade, the team at the Rustic Olive have been keeping our senior grades well fed by sponsoring match day awards for several years. In 2019, the Rustic Olive is expanding their strong partnership with the Dolphins by joining the Dolphins Clubhouse Sponsorship group. “Our Clubhouse has been going for twelve years and is limited to a maximum number of business,” CEO Tony Murphy said. “It is our flagship sponsorship package and provides maximum return on investment and hospitality experiences, including game day packages and the Annual Clubhouse Trip Away. Having Sam on board is a real bonus, he’s a great local business man, wonderful supporter of the Dolphins and an all ‘round good bloke!”

Rustic Olive owner, Sam Ayache, said the time was right to take the next step with his sponsorship. “We have had a wonderful relationship with the Dolphins and the Club seems to go from strength to strength. I see a lot of value in aligning my brand with the powerful Dolphins brand through a Clubhouse sponsorship. As well as that, I know the networking opportunities in the Clubhouse are fantastic and I can’t wait to get to know some of the other businesses better personally and professionally,” he said.

Sam said he has seen a lot of changes in the area over the past ten years, many taking place right in front of him from his position on Redcliffe Parade. “Bee Gees Way has been a good addition to the area, it’s definitely bought more foot traffic to the strip which is great for our local businesses. Tourism has exploded on the Peninsula too, with new accommodation options popping up over the last few years.”

The secret to Sam’s success and longevity is a great team. “I value my staff above anything. I give young people a go and teach them my way of doing things. My Chef and his team are the best in the business and we are not afraid to try something new,” he said.

What does Sam have planned for the future? “If someone told me when I first opened that I would still be here ten years later, I’m not sure I would have believed them! Looking ahead to 2019, we will continue delivering what we do best, classic, consistent, quality food from one of the most beautiful locations in Redcliffe!”

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