There is an expectation that players acknowledge and/or respond when receiving communication

All players must have a current email address which they check regularly. The Coach will rely heavily on email communication between training sessions.

All players must also have a mobile phone to receive and respond to text messages. If you update your phone or number, it is imperative that you advise the Club as soon as possible.

Representing the Club

From time to time, our Senior players are asked to represent the Club in a variety of ways. This may include supporting sponsors, attending media calls and attending community events.

Players who are asked to undertake these tasks should ensure they are impeccably groomed, neat and tidy. Unless otherwise instructed, you should wear the official Club shirt and off-field shorts. For television appearances dress trousers and official Club shirt would be considered minimum dress and at times, tie and coat may be appropriate.


  • Arrive at least fifteen minutes before training is scheduled to start
  • Full training kit must be worn (including full issued kit, boots and joggers)
  • Towel for gym and shower is required
  • Weigh in before every session and complete required pre- training measurements before training commences
  • Following training, shower, report injury concerns and complete Baseline
  • Take supplements (if applicable), clean bottles before leaving
  • Clean up any mess and ensure sheds are left tidy

Game Day

  • Arrive ninety minutes before kick-off
  • Communicate any strapping and treatment requirements to team staff prior to arrival
  • Stretch and roll before warm up
  • Review Hudl clips and tip sheet
  • Weigh in on arrival
  • Weigh out at completion of game
  • Report any injuries/concerns immediately
  • Shower after team talk
  • Players must clean the sheds and help staff pack up before leaving
  • All post-game team functions are compulsory

Game Day Dress Code

This code is applicable before and after games.

  • Official Club Polo Shirt & Shorts
  • Footwear – Casual Dress Shoes (no thongs or dirty joggers)
  • Official Club Cap – worn with Dolphin Logo facing front

Equipment and Jerseys

At the commencement of the season each player will be issued with a Club polo, off field shorts and training kit. Additional items can be purchased through the Club’s merchandise store.

All training and playing equipment remains the property of the Club. Removal of these items without permission is not permitted.

Season Passes

Each staff member and senior player and their partner will receive a pass for the season. This pass is to be shown on entry to all Games and is to be retained by the player. This is applicable for both home and away games.

Please Note: A lost card cannot be replaced and the player will then be responsible for admission fees to games.

Functions and events

It is a contractual requirement that players attend all football related functions. These includes monthly awards nights, weekly presentation of awards, Season Launch, Annual Presentation Dinner, Club BBQs, Junior football events, promotional events etc. If you are unable to attend a function or event you must inform Football Club management as soon as possible.

Redcliffe Leagues Club

Players and staff are strongly encouraged to join the Redcliffe Leagues Club. Membership is $11 for one year or $20 for 5 years. Membership gives you discount on food and beverage purchases and access to Member only promotions and events. Our players are welcome to socialise at the Redcliffe Leagues Club and are subject to the same dress and conduct standards as all other members. Players under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult when coming into the Redcliffe Leagues Club.


During the season the Club, QRL or NRL will conduct education seminars on a range of player welfare topics including Social media use, responsible gambling, drugs in sport etc. As a contracted player with the Club it will be mandatory to complete any educational program set out during the season.

Club Awards

The Annual Peter Leis Medal and Senior Awards Night is held at the end of the season at the Redcliffe Leagues Club. It is expected that all Senior squad members attend the event.


  • You are responsible for setting the standard that new players coming to the Club for the first time must follow
  • As a Dolphins player, we hold ourselves and our teammates accountable for our actions
  • Take ownership and pride for what you stand for and represent


  • As a Dolphins player, it is expected that you show the utmost respect for other players, staff, sponsors, supporters and the general public by being friendly and approachable.
  • Thank staff, coaches, supporters and sponsors for what they do.
  • Engage in conversation with supporters, sponsors and the general public when you get the opportunity to, including after home games and at the Match Day Awards.


  • If you have an injury and/or need rehab (eg. physio, scans), you need to communicate with team staff well before training so appointments can be set.
  • Missing appointments without an acceptable reason will result in penalties.
  • Alcohol is not to be consumed during a rehab/injury

Alcohol and Drugs

  • The use of illicit substances is strictly
  • Drug testing will take place at random times throughout the year.
  • Anyone detected using illicit substances will be dealt with immediately and decisively.
  • The Queensland Rugby League will be notified of any positive in-house test result.
  • Mobile Phones – No Phones in shed post-match, team meal or meeting times.