Contract monies will be due for payment in October unless specified otherwise in your contract. Deductions by law, eg. taxation in accordance with a signed Tax Declaration form and Compulsory Superannuation will be made at this time.


All earnings including training and playing fees, win/loss and bonus payments are a gross amount and are inclusive of the compulsory superannuation guarantee levy.

Payments will be paid directly to your Australian bank account only if the required taxation, superannuation, employment and banking details have been completed.


Relevant deductions from contract monies will be made for expenses incurred and paid by the club on behalf of the player. Common deductions include items such as:

  • Membership of The Redcliffe District Rugby League Football Club
  • Club travel levy
  • Uniform levy
  • Two Tickets to the end of season Presentation Night (non-refundable regardless of attendance)
  • Supplements
  • Outstanding medical costs
  • Strapping tape
  • Fines
  • Extra uniforms (Lost Kit)