Medical Assessment

Parents/Players are responsible for their own private medical insurance.

The Club preferred private health insurance is Westfund Limited

All players that require medical attention are to report to the Academy rooms on Monday from 4.30pm.

Dr Brendan Thompson and the club physio will examine and make further recommendations.

Private Medical Cover

It is a contractual requirement that each player takes out Full Private Health Cover (Hospital & Extras).

The Club will pay the GAP payment (that is the amount that is not covered by your full private health cover and/or Medicare) for football related injuries. For each player who has full private health cover, this means that all expenses are covered and all you have to pay is your own Personal Monthly Premium and any Hospital excess payment over $500.

Once a player has reached the limit payable by their private health fund the Club will be only responsible for the normal gap payment on future accounts. The balance is to be met by the player.

The Club will not cover medical expenses relating to Personal Protective Equipment, braces, crutches, slings, orthotics etc, medications, private health excess and Hospital excess over $500.

Dental Treatment Gap Limit

The Club will pay the gap for emergency treatment and follow up treatment up to a maximum amount of $2000 for any football related dental injuries. Any fee in excess of this maximum is the responsibility of the player. The Club’s preferred Dentist is Redcliffe Smiles, located in the Dolphins Central Shopping Centre.

Procedure for medical claims

  1. Swipe your health insurance/Medicare card at the surgery/clinic and pay the outstanding balance (gap)
  2. If the surgery/clinic doesn’t participate in this scheme or you forget your card, take your receipt from the surgery/clinic to your private health fund/Medicare office with your Medicare card to claim your benefit. Alternatively, you can make an online claim (visit for information on how to submit an online claim)
  3. Provide all of your invoices/receipts from the surgery/clinic, health insurance provider and Medicare to the Club for reimbursement of the gap payment.

Failure to follow these steps will result in the Club being unable to pay the gap. Any player who does not have Private Medical cover will be responsible for 100% of the medical expenses relating to football injuries.

The player will be responsible for any fees or charges resulting from a failure to attend an appointment or the late cancellation of an appointment.

Loss of Income Insurance

Loss of income insurance is highly recommended.

Strapping Tape

Strapping tape is provided. A levy for strapping tape is deducted from contract earnings.


Players should have current immunisations for Tetanus and Hepatitis B (minimum). Players travelling to PNG will have immunisations made available to them.


This includes MRA, MRI, ultrasounds and X Rays. Referrals must come from the club doctor, and it is the player’s responsibility to make the appointment with the nominated provider of the imaging. The player must produce Medicare card and health fund card at the time of payment. If there are any out-of-pocket expenses the club will reimburse the player. Reimbursement will only be made if the Club Doctor provided the referral and instructed the player to attend the scan.

Injury Rehab Equipment

Players are able to borrow a Club Game Ready machine in consultation with medical staff. Units must be signed out and signed back in. Damage to or loss of a unit will be the responsibility of the player. Massage guns & Rollers are to be used in the Academy Rooms ONLY.