Media Inquiries

Players who are directly approached by Media outlets are under no obligation to participate in interviews or answer questions. You should refer these unsolicited approaches to the CEO. From time to time the Club will ask players to be part of a media call or photo opportunity. It is expected that you are on time and in the correct dress (as directed) for these engagements.

Players who are being photographed or interviewed should be conscious of their stance and where possible ensure sponsor logos are visible. Questions about performance, the team and opposition teams should be responded to in a positive manner.

Players should take every opportunity to mention and thank Sponsors, in particular the major sponsor, Village Motors.

Players and staff must not make representations on behalf of the Club without the express authorisation of the CEO, Football.

Social Media

The QRL has released a Social Media Policy which the Club complies with and expects our staff and players to be familiar and comply with. In general:

  • Ensure you have ‘Liked’ the Redcliffe Dolphins (Official) page on both Facebook and
  • Interact positively on these pages. We have thousands of followers who keenly observe posts and comments from anybody associated with the Dolphins.
  • Show support for our Junior Encouraging comments and likes on our Official page in relation to our Juniors are very well received by our Juniors.
  • Be mindful of posting what should be internal banter on our pages in response to photos, events or Our followers are not across the ‘in jokes’ and we do not want to alienate anybody.
  • Use common sense when sharing content. You are an ambassador for the Club and the game so you need to be mindful of the image you are creating.
  • Maintain Do not openly discuss Club business publicly on Social Media. Even if your settings are private, someone is always watching.
  • Posting material that is offensive, harassing, discriminatory, embarrassing, intimidating, sexually explicit, bullying, hateful, racist, sexist or otherwise inappropriate will not be tolerated.