We appreciate the sacrifices families make for children’s sport and understand that additional training, playing and volunteer commitments usually require the support of the whole family. We welcome parental interest in the Dolphins Pathways Program and want to work together to get the best outcomes for our young players. We ask for parents/guardians to be mindful of the following:

  • Openly communicate with Dolphins Coaching staff at all times. Usually concerns can be addressed by making a simple phone call to the Coach or a member of staff
  • Ensure that participants communicate late arrival or non-attendance to scheduled sessions with Dolphins staff
  • Co-operate with Dolphins Football Department staff in the long term development of the participants
  • Seek immediate medical treatment for any injuries sustained at any time during the year and immediately report any injuries to Dolphins Department staff, whether football related or not
  • Follow any training or medical program provided under the direction of the Dolphins Development staff
  • Do not actively influence or approach other parents/guardians or players about changing junior clubs at any stage
  • Do not openly criticise other players or parents for their actions or choices
  • Do not use any form of social or electronic media to criticise participants, other parents or any Club